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New Mining Hardware

Our new Asic Miners can significantly increase mining profits due to their... 

Kadena Miners

Check out our Kadena Miners! Mining Kadena has become popular these days... 

Antminer L7 Series

The Antminer L7 is a powerful and efficient crypto miner released by... 

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  • Dual Mining on F2Pool (ETC+ZIL)

    You can now mine ETC + ZIL on F2Pool!!! Maximize your profits by adding ZIL to your Pool. It will increase your profits extremely if you are only mining ETC at the moment. Dual Mining works with almost all Asic Miners on F2Pool. Check it out...

    F2Pool (14. Mar.) 
  • Montana’s ‘right to mine’ crypto bill moves closer to passing as law

    The bill seeks to enshrine crypto miners’ rights and will still have to pass muster in the states House before its signed into law by the governor.

    Coin Telegraph, (24. Feb.) 
  • Bitcoin mining can help solar energy meet 99% of end-user demand, study shows

    As the cryptocurrency industry evolves, mining Bitcoin (BTC) is becoming increasingly popular, with arguments in favor of its use to offset energy waste despite criticism over its effect on the environment.

    CryptoNews, (07. Feb.)